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Like all beginnings, 2022 brings promise.

Now, more than ever, it is incumbent on organisations and leaders to reset the direction for their business. Not only must leaders have a plan in the face of constant change, but they must also refocus the organisation’s vision, revisit how they show up for their teams, and revamp the touchstones of innovation.

This would also mean perceiving the distinct advantages in managing talent in humane ways. To create greater business value, leaders must accelerate the capabilities of creative problem-solving and lay the foundation for large-scale and lasting digital transformation.

In other words, post-pandemic leaders must have the mindset to self-assess and question their assumptions.

In this issue, we explore how leaders find their ground and inspire their teams to continue innovating for an unclear future.

In our line-up, we delve into some unconventional approaches to leadership:

  • Building dynamic leader capabilities is the need of the hour. Read here to know if culture and strategy can align to prepare next-normal-ready leaders.
  • How do leaders of today remain relevant for their teams and add value to their growth trajectories? Read about the nuances of adopting a customised leadership approach.
  • How do leaders adapt to a world of frequent and unpredictable change? Revisit what is fundamental to the business and turn adversities into opportunities by pivoting at the right time.
  • Learn how leaders can facilitate innovation as one of the key drivers of organisational success.
  • Take a deep dive into the digital transformation journey at India’s largest infrastructure conglomerate to learn the distinctive approaches and strategic mindset needed to lead through the unique challenges of digitalisation.
  • ‘Coaching’ no longer remains an amorphous and intangible aspect of leadership. Listen to this podcast to know more about its role in cementing individual and collective success. 

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Thank you for reading and listening!

Take care and stay safe!

Professor Saumya Sindhwani
Executive Director - Centre for Learning and Management Practice

Leadership Edge


Reimagining the Learning Canvas for Leaders of Tomorrow

Contextualising the ‘why’ of learning may go a long way in curating a learning culture within teams. Sunil Puri from CCL shares how firms are pivoting to redesign L&D initiatives.


Leadership 101: Customise How You Lead

Learn from Sukhjit Singh Pasricha of Kotak Mahindra Bank on how to lead diverse teams in evolving workspaces with a customised leadership approach.


Choose Adaptability to Remain Relevant in a Changing World

Change is inevitable, but it makes us uncomfortable. Aditya Ghosh of Akasa Air and Homage Group advocates adaptability to unlock the next levels of achievement.


Channelising Innovation by Enabling Leadership

Learn the complexities of driving innovation from Sunil Shah of Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, as he decodes the essential components of leadership.

Case in Point


Digital Transformation at L&T

What leadership approaches are essential for successful digital transformation? Insights from two experts, Harish Raichandani of Potentia, and S. Ramnarayan, Professor of Practice in Organisational Behaviour, Indian School of Business. 


‘Coaching’ Your Way to Uncommon Leadership

Coaching is transcending from being an individual skill to being an organisational capacity. Ruchira Chaudhary, author and executive coach, delves into the nuances of making this a reality.

The idea of ISB Management ReThink was born out of the impending need to revisit and redefine the time-tested tenets of management, and at the same time, identify how they can still hold on to their relevance in contemporary times. With the ever-changing dynamics of management philosophies, and the associated classroom teaching methodology, it is about time to readjust the focus by shaking the fundamentals, breaking myths and bringing about the change necessary to survive in this cut-throat era of stiff competition.