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The world of business is constantly shifting on its axis, and innovation is the name of the game that startups and microenterprises are trying to play as they scale up and branch out.

Startups have built themselves a reputation for being disruptive and bringing fresh perspectives into their respective fields. However, an emerging set of consumer expectations, with a focus on sustainability, demands from businesses the agility and strength to reinvent, rediscover, and realign themselves with changing times. As they roll the dice and attempt to figure out what move to make next, the question arises: in this grand board game of diverse players, what does it take to become, sustain, and grow as an entrepreneur?

Welcome to a new issue of ISB Management ReThink, where we examine how startups and small enterprises can leverage their strengths, learn from mistakes, and connect with consumers to usher in a new, sustainable future for business. 

Here is our line-up:

  • Get a ringside view on the winning strategies adopted by innovation-led organisations to ensure seamless ecosystems and strong stakeholder relationships.
  • Today, consumers expect businesses to practise sustainability across products and services. Learn how social enterprises can achieve this while earning revenue and creating impact.
  • Can one really identify a good time to persevere, pivot, or exit in their entrepreneurial journey? Benefit from the learnings of a serial entrepreneur as you navigate your venture.
  • With greater consumer expectations, comes the need for greater responsibility from brands. Read here to learn how clean beauty brands can earn consumer trust and live up to their claims.
  • Microenterprises thrive on customer intimacy and yet struggle to market themselves. Learn about the tools that may help them discover customers while amplifying their reach.
  • Pitching an idea and bagging a robust VC deal is a confluence of multiple factors in the “Startup-Verse”. Tune into our podcast to prepare for your best pitching moment.

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Professor Saumya Sindhwani
Executive Director - Centre for Learning and Management Practice

Expert Speak


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Startups, Society, and Self-sustenance: A Glimpse Into the Future

May 05, 2022

Explore what it takes to become, sustain, and grow as an entrepreneur as you align your business with evolving consumer expectations.

The idea of ISB Management ReThink was born out of the impending need to revisit and redefine the time-tested tenets of management, and at the same time, identify how they can still hold on to their relevance in contemporary times. With the ever-changing dynamics of management philosophies, and the associated classroom teaching methodology, it is about time to readjust the focus by shaking the fundamentals, breaking myths and bringing about the change necessary to survive in this cut-throat era of stiff competition.