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Today, businesses seem to experience a new disruption every quarter. In this decade alone, the world has witnessed a three-year long pandemic, impending economic downturn, turbulent markets, increased consumer awareness, and raised alarms for climate change. All of this is strung along with rapid technological advances that are changing businesses, jobs, and the way we consume the world. 

To address the dynamic environment effectively, businesses are increasingly investing in innovation with a purpose larger than themselves, accounting for the well-being of their stakeholders, the environmental impact of their activities, and the resilience and sustainability of their systems. Leading with a clear purpose enables organisations to carve out their own futures in an unpredictable market.

In the latest issue of Management ReThink, we explore how businesses are adapting to the ever-changing normal through a potent integration of purpose and innovation.

  • Explore how the labour-intensive fashion industry needs to rethink its business models to implement sustainable practices on the environmental, social, and economic front.

  • Purpose has become the cornerstone of an organisation’s lived experience. Learn how purpose has prompted brands to re-align themselves with stakeholders while driving profitability.  

  • The real essence of sustainable housing lies in the right blueprint and design. Learn more about the evolving nature of green real estate in India.

  • Not all data is good data. Learn how businesses can navigate the ethical concerns of using data analytics to avoid biases and lapses in data collection and interpretation.

  • What is the role of packaging in a product’s lifecycle? Tune into our podcast to learn about the impact of packaging on the sustainability and portability of a product.

Professor Saumya Sindhwani
Executive Director - Centre for Learning and Management Practice

Expert Speak

Fashionably Sustainable: Understanding the Future of Fashion

How can fashion brands initiate systemic change to achieve a sustainable future? Explore how with Dr. Naresh Tyagi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.

The Pursuit of Purpose

To align all stakeholders, particularly the digitally savvy and politically correct Alpha generation, organizations need to pursue good purpose practice, writes Harish Bijoor, Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.

‘Rurban’ Housing for a Greener Future

Discover the sustainable real estate movement in India with Nagesh Battula, Founder & CEO, Organo and Meena Murugappan, GM, Product Strategy and Innovation, at Organo.

Of Data, Ethics, and Privacy

Is your business using data analytics to inform its products and processes? Dr. Anish Agarwal, Global Head of Analytics, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, elaborates on ethical concerns of data usage.


Packaging Together Sustainability and Innovation

Vagish Dixit, Managing Director and Partner, ALPLA Group, India

Packaging can make all the difference in a product; it dictates whether we choose the product, how we recognise it, how easy a product is to use and travel with, its resilience in transit, and also how sustainable it is. In the new world order, as sustainability and efficiency take precedence for consumers and companies alike, Vagish Dixit, Managing Director and Partner of ALPLA Group, India, elaborates how the packaging industry takes on the responsibility of innovating and addressing these expectations and challenges.

The idea of ISB Management ReThink was born out of the impending need to revisit and redefine the time-tested tenets of management, and at the same time, identify how they can still hold on to their relevance in contemporary times. With the ever-changing dynamics of management philosophies, and the associated classroom teaching methodology, it is about time to readjust the focus by shaking the fundamentals, breaking myths and bringing about the change necessary to survive in this cut-throat era of stiff competition.